Our main goal at Shepherds Square is to partner with those in church leadership and help grow their church. Your Church listing on Shepherds Square is a complete listing packed with features. Chances are your starter listing is already in our directory with basic information. Once you sign up and claim your churches listing you will be able to update it. With over 250,000 Geo-coded listings Shepherds Square is the largest Geo-coded church directory on the internet. Our interactive maps help families searching for a church in every type of situation. Whether going on vacation, moving to a new city, or just needing a change, Shepherds Square can showcase your church to those who are looking.

What makes Shepherds Square the most complete Geo-coded church directory on the internet? When families look for a new house of worship, the more information they have about your church the better. The information you can post is;

  • Complete summary & Full description
  • Link to your current church website
  • History of your church
  • Doctrinal Statement
  • Upload Photos
  • Create a video commercial for visitors to see when the land on your church listing
  • Upload mp3 audio files.
  • Full address with mapping on how to get to your church
  • Contact info for visitors to your listing


Each church listing links to the Pastors Profile on Shepherds Square. Your profile is also packed with features! 

  • List your biography
  • Post your testimony
  • Upload unlimited sermons
  • Use our Blog feature to post your blog.
Shepherds Square offers a full featured platform for only $15.00 per month.